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actual heatwave warning on the news


Oh god, it was 28c already yesterday fuck…

82F? What?! That’s considered hot? It was hotter than that here today and everyone considered it nice weather. What is this I don’t even.

In the UK all weather is considered bad. If its a warm its too sunny. If its breezy its cloudy. If its summer its raining (except when its not). We know how to complain.


Arguing with a developer that is nearly scamming you is annoying enough, but when he (jokingly or not) claims that i would have had to have solved p=np, that really pisses me off.

Can he not believe that i tried 256 first moves of a game and found that they will always lead to a tie if played optimally?

An “anti-telemarketing service” just called me.



I'm not gonna lie to you, it's expensive as hell. But check this out. We told this test subject to just go ahead and try to land on her head.’

Man, those portal trailers were awesome.

Anyone heard rumors of a third game?

no, but I found these panties

I think that the third game could be improvised with those.

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Dear Windows Fanboy (me 5 days ago)



“Dear Windows Fanboy (me 5 days ago)” original work posted by BenBRockN @

I hope this post is VERY old, because literally none of the points in this post about Linux are the case anymore. The thing is, if you need Microsoft Office or Adobe or something like that, you’ll probably need Windows. Other than that, it’ll probably just work. I recently decided to install Ubuntu 14.04 on my desktop pc which has several other Linux systems installed, and all I had to do was press install, and I was good to go.

Beyond that, it’s really just a matter of developers releasing games for Linux, and there you have it. If you’re using the command line, you are either doing so by choice, or doing it wrong. There are almost never any requirements to do things in the command line, a lot of people simply prefer to do it this way because of the expressive way you can do things in a quick and simple manner.

Why use ms office over free alternatives?


I hate when I’m reading and then start thinking about stuff and before I know it I’m at the end of the page and have no recollection of what I just read

I had to read this several times. For this exact reason.

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I was cleaning up the javascript and writing missing translations and…

    var is_defined = false;
    eval('is_defined = categories' + data + '[' + + '] !== undefined;');
    if (is_defined) {
        data += '[' + + ']["childs"]';
    else {
        data += '[' + + ']';
        eval('categories' + data + ' = parent;');
        data += '["childs"]';
        eval('categories' + data + ' = [];');


This is why all web design should be done in assembly.

just kidding, then mobile sites would be even worse.

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I just remembered about solar freakin roadways, and an explanation I found on why it won’t work.

So, $1000000 is nice, but to cover the US in solar panel roads would cost maybe about 50 BILLION times as much. And labour. Instead of just pouring concrete onto the road, each on is bolted to the road. So have fun with finding all that cash guys




It is currently 7:10am here in the US, meaning it is currently 1:10 in England. So I have a question for my time-traveling British followers who are 6 hours in the future: Do internet speeds get any faster in the next 1/4 day?

No, but the apocalypse will start in 1/2 an hour for you guys.

Dammit I reblogged instead of replying